Akesson's Brazil 100% Chocolade met cacao nibs

  • origine: Brazil

  • Fazenda Sempre Firme is a 120 ha cocoa plantation right in the middle of the Mata Atlantica, the wild forest with the highest biodiversity on earth. They were able to recreate a social structure and their best reward is to hear the community referring to the Fazenda as a “Paraiso”(paradise). They are growing the traditional and astonishing Forester cocoa variety called “paganish” that made the glory of Bahia at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • eenheid: 12 * 60 g

  • smaaknotitie: The chocolate we developed from these beans is smooth, woody and earthy. It also has expressive notes that evoke autumn scents, tobacco and the local piganta fruit.

  • kan sporen bevatten van: soja, gluten, lactose & melkproducten. 

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